Saturday, October 21, 2006

Turns out the met is racist again.

Under 20% of PCSO's are ethnic minorities yet they account for 60% of disciplines.

Now before we carry on about how racist the met are lets look at an unrelated statistic...

Motorbikes account for 2% of road use yet also account for 25% of fatal accidents.

So going by that it shows motorbikes are hated by road users, that car/van drivers are deliberately mowing down motorbikes for no reason.

Now to most sensible people that reason would sound stupid, but going back to the stats posted in a certain paper because a larger percentage of ethnic minorities are disciplined yet they account for a smaller percentage of staff it must be they are being disciplined for being ethnic and the met is racist.

Speaking to 1 Sergeant about this she told me that she would rather give an ethnic minority an informal chat than think about discipline.

Now I am all for EQUAL oppotunites and detest racisim but to coin a phrase from animal farm (no not that one) - some people are more equal than others.

I judge everyone on there own merits and I'm not afraid to call a twat a twat. I got accused of being a racist because I fell out with an asian person I used to know. The reason I fell out with him was because he was a twat - he was a compulsive liar and general arse - that wasnt because he was asian but simply because he wanted to act like that. Now why should I pretend that I like him because his a minority? My boss is an asian and he is a brilliant person so I like him, but again thats because his a decent person not because of his colour (plus his my boss).

Now maybe if more ethnic minority people are being disciplined then maybe its because more ethnic minority people are doing stupid things.

Simply - no-one is perfect and ethnic minorities can be twats too.


BluesAndTwos said...

Ahhhh..... Black Rover, do yer mind if I call you Ratty?

Letter in the Sunday Times yesterday :

An old saying enjoins us, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Today, the maxim appears to be when in Rome, Romans must bend the knee to ensure the Carthaginians are made comfortable at the expense, and to the detriment, of Romans. How sad to see what chasing votes can lead to.

Not updated my blog links for a while, apologies. I've just added yours.

Blues And Twos

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be called a racist these days and that is precisely why people are afraid to be honest and treat people equally.
I have been with other officers who don't stop cars driven by ethnic groups because they are afraid to. And now we see the government doing the same.

Good blog and my first post here, I will add you to my list of links on my own blog.

Po Po said...

Good Point Anonymous it is very easy to be called a racist these days. And not only are people afraid to be honest - now, people have to watch what is said in front of the public.

Mary J said...

Yup, it is very difficult!

Lory said...

I agree with you Po Po. We should be concentrating on something more important considering the time that we are living in...instead, we are into who said what!!

Ginnel said...

I have to agree with you Lory. There are people suffering and starving in the world and we are fighting over petty things!