Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another blog gone? Lennie Briscoe (specialcopper) seems to have disapeared :( anyone know whats happened?

On another note I'm putting in for a transfer to another station, dont know how much I'll be doing while thats going through. Have another ANPR later this month which should be interesting.

Just generally fedup with where I'm working, the PC's & specials are great, just had enough of some of the management and general lack of communication. I know the grass always seems greener but everyone else I speak to seems happier in their station than I am and others I talked to in my station seem just as unhappy.

Not bothered airing my feelings though, I've been in the force long enough to know that nothing changes.


ExtraSpecialCopper said...

I am fed up of my station/sector. Been trying for half a year to get moved with support of the specials sergeants on the sector i want as well as the regular sgts and inspector. My ass of a specials sergeant doesnt want this.

Vic Mackey said...

Mine should be through by 1st Nov :) Was so supprised how easy it was for me - transfer request was signed off within a few days.

Good luck with yours, know what its like working somewhere you hate and makes it a lot harder when your doing it voluntary.