Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nice to see Semper FI back to blogging, definitely been missed.

Seems to be good news all round this weekend, I got handed a memo from the inspector yesterday - my temp-prom has been approved starting middle of December :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Spent a night in hospital with Mrs Mackey yesterday, she was getting some chest pains so doctor sent her for an ECG but everything checks out ok which is good.

Was a nice variety of people in the hospital though

2 Prisoners - one unconcious, the other bugger all wrong with them just didnt want to goto a cell, usual story tie up police for 4-5hrs guarding him for him to then refuse any treatment and discharge himself.

The 80 year old who was brought in by his entire family (at least 8-9 people with him) who stand in front of the door blocking anyone else coming in.

The blind drunk - barely able to do anything other than sleep and throw up.

The "my ear hurts" person who then moans after waiting 10minutes.

The poor woman who has cut her foot very badly but cant get to the reception desk because "my ear hurts" is busy complaining again that his now been waiting 15minutes

Plus the usual banged heads, black eyes, broken noses associated with a good friday night. Dont know why people get in such a state they end up in hospital, personally I may be getting old that I prefer a quite weekend in but I'd rather in bed at the end of the night than in hospital for the sake of "fun".

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I hate what I do, its stressfull and demanding, I cant afford to make mistakes and the Inspector uses me as his PA.

I never get any appreciation when I do good work yet the smallest slip up gets round the office quicker than the days news.

When things start going well the SMT change it, when things clearly dont work we're told to stick at it because its more efficient - we then master it and the SMT change it.

I spend hours on the phone trying to sort out an issue for a MOP, I then nip to the toilet the same second the MOP phones up and tells the Inspector I'm never there and dont want to help.

When somebody wants something they call me regardless that its not my job anymore and wont take no for an answer, when I want something the sole person who can deal with the problem has just taken a 2year career break.

I hate my job.

But I wouldnt change it for the world.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

You have to love force budgeting.

I am currently waiting to see if I will get a temporary promotion. The sergeant I will be working with has no issues with my ability - The inspector feels I am more than suitable - The Chief inspector has to check to see if they can afford to pay me the extra 70p an hour.

Personally I dont give a damn over the 70p and want it for my PDR and career progression so offered to do it for free - but its apparently illegal for them not to pay it.

The position will last no more than 6months so at worse it will cost about £700.

Its already agreed that during the time I will be continuing my current work as well as the extra management duties so they will have me doing 2 jobs but dont know if they can justify the cost.

Yet at the same time this is the department which has 5 brand new computers that have not been used since they where installed 6 months ago. They spent £200,000 on the biggest waste of money ever (cant say what - will reveal my force). To top it off though we've just been given a job that will result in an extra £25million extra funding - ok that wont all go to our dept but no doubt a good cut will be.

£700 in police funding terms is pittance, they probably spend more than that on tea and biscuits each time theres a SMT meeting, but it means the money is going to a real worker then its suddenly a huge expenditure.