Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why is it that people insist on "acting hard" when speaking to police? it gets you absolutely nowhere.

Swearing is obviously a big no-no and will see you issued with a PND for Section 5 in no time at all but cockyness & general stupidty wont help you either.

The last car I pulled over on the ANPR op was a simple no seat belt job, now normally last job of the day you wanna keep as simple as possible as no doubt you already have a heap of paperwork to do anyway.

I pull him over and do the usual.

Vic> So do you know why I pulled you over?
Mop> No
Vic> Your not wearing a seat belt.
Mop> So? How you gunna prove it.
Vic> erm... you just drove past about 20 different yellow jackets and I know at least 3 other PC's see you without a seatbelt.
Mop> Still dont prove nothing, go find a real criminal.
Vic> Heres your ticket, feel free to take it to court if you wanna see how I prove it.

Now the result of that senario is the driver having to cough up £30 and having to go through the trouble of producing his docs yet if he had simply done a simple "oh I'm sorry" it would more likely have ended with a simple lecture on scraping people off the road and on your way.

On a slightly unconnected note though is those MOP's who are brought up the right way and naturally polite are spooky sometimes, its amazing how many people said thank you after having their car seized.

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Linz said...

I just don't understand people not wearing seatbelts - it's for their own good! Great blog, by the way. x