Friday, September 14, 2007

Well I'm not dead (or been abused by DPS). I started this blog as I was unhappy at the amount of police blogs that just droped off the face of the earth and was determined mine would stay updated until one of the above.

Well nearly a year has gone past since last post and a lot has happened, but I will condense it as much as I can. Hopefully I will be back to blogging regularly soon.

I have completed my application to join as a regular and just waiting for start date (expected to be by new year). After 5 years as a civvie and ~ 2 years as a special it is worrying me. Its a big change and I restart my service at square 1 again, 5 years service just gone. I will be going from a temp prom'd manager running a team of 6 people to a probationer.

I will miss my weekends off but most of all my flexi time, turn up when I want, go home when I want.

I am dreading all the "pleasent" jobs I will get as a probationer and I am really not looking forward to reception/custody duties.

Money isnt that much more (actually less during training) but its what I want to do and at the end of the day is that not what matters?

So much for condensing things, thats 4 paragraphs on an application ;) sadly though thats about most interesting thing thats happened over the past year.

As said I will be back to regular posting most likely next year, when the blog will be taking the view of a probationer instead. That said if anything interesting happens (lol) I'll be sure to post before then.